Hyperspectral vegetation analysis @VTT

Hyperspectral remote sensing, or imaging spectroscopy, is the application of spectroscopic techniques to remote sensing data. The research on imaging spectroscopy in the Remote Sensing team contributes to the Space technology and Hyperspectral imaging technologies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

We believe that physical radiative transfer models and new insights into theory of radiative transfer (e.g., the spectral invariants) is the best option to reveal the full information content of hyperspectral data.

This research, led by Matti Mõttus has been funded by several research projects funded by the Academy of Finland:

Matti Mõttus is a member of the Mission Advisory Group for ESA’s FLEX satellite mission and an official collaborator on EPIC DSCOVR vegetation products developed by Boston University.

People involved in the research at VTT: